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Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems:

Business Phone Systems is a multi-line telephone system that is used in business environments to unified the communications. It helps the the employees to handle all their business communications on the device of their choice which may be either their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone. These devices can be used with wired, wireless or broadband connections. The business requirements of various segments like Hospitality, IT, BPOs, KPOs, Education, Manufacturing, Legal, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Automobile, Retail, Healthcare, Defense and Government etc can be met by using Business Phone Systems.

Features of Business Phone Systems:

The features of Business Phone Systems include:

  • Your business number can be integrated with effective IVR prompts that enable your caller to engage with the services with the help of a dial pad.
  • A brand recognition can be given to your business with a toll free number that will enable your callers a free communication channel to connect with your business.
  • Using real time reports you can monitor the performance of the agents and ensure steady productivity.
  • Every inbound and outbound call can be managed, tracked, reported, and monitored with a single live dashboard.
  • A complete record of your inbound and outbound call logs with all details including the name of the caller, the number, time, date and duration can be logged.
  • Your CRM applications can be integrated with the Business Phone Systems to deliver personalized customer services organized database of customers.

Benefits of Business Phone Systems:

The benefits that you can get by using a business phone system can help your business to grow. These include:

  • Business Phone Systems are off site, easy to set up, and eliminates the requirement of ongoing maintenance that also costs your business money and time. A business phone system provides you advanced features that are more flexible and affordable than traditional PBX systems.
  • Business phone system simplifies your business communications as you can get several advantages to consolidate your communications including call management features like forwarding and call logs, or collaboration tools like conference call services and online meetings.
  • It also provide you access to new features like rule based call answering, call screening and advanced call notifications and team collaboration tools.
  • The tools that you are already using can also be integrated with the Business Phone Systems
  • A a business phone system allows you to work from anywhere without worrying about hardware by providing the same tools and features that you are familiar with.
  • The kind of flexibility provided by the system is very essential for your business expansion. You will be able to keep you connected to telecommuters. Employees are always connected to your clients no matter where they are because of call forwarding feature. Both paid or free conference calling can be done and the system ensures your team stays on the same page by the help of collaboration tools.
  • You can keep track of the requirements of your customers by doing quickly and easily route calls to the right people, setting up automated assistants, and using pro level voicemail and call notifications.
  • Flexible customer service can be provided with the features like hold music, transferring calls to other extensions, and flipping a call from your desk phone to a mobile device.
  • Your personal contact info can be kept private by using a Business Phone Systems. It also enhances your ability to stay in touch with your customers whenever you choose.
  • As the business phone system is cloud based, it allows you to control when and where customers contact you, and keeps your proprietary information accessible to employees that keep the data safe from getting lost.

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