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Anti-spam Software

Anti-spam Software:

Anti-spam Software is a software that is used to allow only the approved emails into your inbox and block spam from entering a system. A set of protocols is used by anti-spam software to determine unsolicited and unwanted messages and prevent those messages to get into the inbox of an user. An an electronic messaging system is used for spamming to send unsolicited messages especially advertising messages to a group of recipients.
Most of the Anti-spam software can be customized as per your requirements that will allow only the approved emails into your inbox. Initially all the incoming emails are presumed to be spam for the anti-spam software. So,the software will only allow those emails, from the people you know, to come in.
Although your local program or cloud based service that you use to access and send email is can filter spam and move suspicious messages to a separate folder, some spam can tricks the filter and get in to your inbox. Therefore some legitimate messages, called false positives, end up in the spam folder. To avoid this you need an anti-spam software that will help filter all unwanted messages. As your inboxes are constantly being infiltrated by scams and cyber attacks, an anti-spam software will become one of the best protection against malicious email communications.

Benefits and Features of Anti-spam Software:

Some of the benefits and features of the anti-spam software include:

Spam Blocking:

Along with blocking specific email addresses, some anti-spam software also search for subject lines and text in the email messages. So, you will be able to customize it to block incoming emails based on senders, and also if your email address is not in the recipient field.

Spam Quarantining:

The spam emails are automatically quarantine by anti-spam filters ensuring your inbox is spam free. These quarantined emails are held for a fixed number of days and then are dumped. You can check and recover any legitimate email that may have been quarantined which can be of your use during that period.

Automatic Filter Updates:

The automatic filter update feature is helpful for timely detection of new types of Malware threats. This feature helps the anti-spam software to stay up-to-date as well as secure your system from new kinds of Malware.

Multiple Accounts Monitoring:

Spam emails can be monitored and filtered from multiple accounts with this feature. You will be able to filter your personal email from professional email, and vice versa.

Your Personal Whitelist:

With this feature, you can maintain a friendly list of people whose emails you want to accept. These emails will not be mistaken for spam against the blacklist of spammers. You will be able to update the list in the future also.

Reporting Spam:

Spam emails can be reported back to the company supplying the program by using an anti-spam software that helps the company to develop new type of filters based on the analysis of the reported spam.
Most of the anti-spam software are signature based that can detect and respond to new type of Malware by using use their signature file. However, since there is a time gap between the time the new type of Malware threats are released and the time in identifying them by the anti-spam software vendors and updated in their signature file, new and unknown types of Malware may get undetected. In this case you need an anti-spam software that is build with containment technology. As the harmful files are processed in a restricted operating system environment with this technology, the threats or harmful files can be kept under control or within certain limits. Therefore, controlling the resources and the spread of infection can be controlled.

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