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Print Estimating Software:

Print Estimating Software is a software that is used by printing companies including offset, digital and bindery companies to help manage their financial operations.

Features and Benefits of Print Estimating Software:

The Print Estimating Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Your efficiency can be increased, valuable time and money can be saved with print estimating software that streamlines the estimating and quoting process, producing consistent quotes that are easily converted to live jobs.
  • Professional looking quotes can be created by estimators, CSRs, Sales Reps or even customers for business cards to complex projects that can be emailed in one click and retained for later retrieval.
  • Custom pricing can be supported for each client, as well as individual products.
  • Unique one-of-a-kind jobs can be quoted for any quantity as paper and other cost centers are easily defined.
  • Customers can use the online estimator and build their own jobs, upload their artwork and place orders around the clock. So, greater brand loyalty can be created and the incremental print revenue that you need to boost your bottom line generated.
  • Print quoting and estimating is easy enough for anybody to use it.
  • 'One-off' custom jobs can be created on the fly and multiple versions of a quote can be supported
  • BHR (basic hourly rates) or Throughput-based pricing can be supported and speedy entry of 'standard' preset products can be done.
  • Previous quotes and jobs can be recalled and custom finishing processes can be created that flow to the production floor.
  • One-click quotes-to-new-orders conversion and private price tables can be supported for individual clients or products as needed.
  • Print estimating software can be used for print shops doing offset printing, high speed digital printing or large format printing.
  • Estimates and job tickets can be quickly and easily created by estimators.
  • Accounts receivables can be maintained, invoices can be created and job broker functions can be used with the Enhanced Capabilities module.
  • Printing production mistakes can be prevented by unique, detailed job ticket system.
  • The user friendly interface guides you through print estimates and the quick setup helps you easily adjust rates to emulate your pricing.
  • Manual job touches can be minimized for each job and your digital print workflow can be optimized for maximum throughput.
  • The sales reps, CSRs or even customers can generate and store quotes by themselves and then convert them to digital job tickets for seamless acceptance into your digital workflow by online estimating tools.
  • Customers are empowered by unlimited customer web storefronts which let them order on their own schedule, even when your shop is closed.
  • Customers can not only order and reorder, but also can demonstrate all the additional products and services you can provide by customizable templates and catalogs.
  • The need for time-consuming handwritten dockets can be eliminated as job tickets are printed in line with product flow.
  • All the orders that comes either from storefronts, third-party storefronts or manually entered by CSRs or sales resps, flow into a single, unified workflow.
  • Your business and print schedule can be managed and tracked, giving you real-time insights into your print workflow and providing you with valuable reports so you can make informed decisions.
  • Bulk mail processing can be added to your list of services.
  • you can be more competitive on big jobs while still protecting profit as the software also considers the increased productivity of long run jobs.

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