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Municipal Software:

Municipal Software is a software that is used by local governments to manage various financial and administrative tasks in order to save time.
The visibility of work performed can be increased, 24/7 citizen support can be delivered and it can keep the public informed and up to date with a custom portal page that gives them instant access to city news, events, and more.

Features and Benefits of Municipal Software:

The Municipal Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Citizens are allowed to easily submit and review requests online anytime with 24/7 web and mobile access.
  • Visibility can be increased with the public facing portal.
  • Fully searchable knowledge base for staff and citizens can be provided.
  • Routine correspondence such as welcome letter, planned work, code enforcement can be managed with responsive automatic workflows.
  • Citizens and staff are provided with round-the-clock access to the information they need, including a fully searchable knowledge base and communication portal.
  • You can quickly learn and begin tracking, sharing and reporting on information in more productive ways as it is easy to use.
  • Citizens are enabled to submit requests and receive notifications upon completion.
  • Requests can be auto-routed to departments, notifications can be automated and approval tasks can be created.
  • Work order costs can be tracked with related parts and labor hours. You can also track FEMA related costs.
  • Report can be generated on maintenance history, future cost projections, staff performance and more.
  • Information can be send automatically back and forth between systems to increase efficiency.
  • Service requests, work orders, assets and job procedures can be viewed and updated while in the field.
  • You can limit what each department and user can do and the information they can access in the system.
  • Clients can easily view your real-time availability and self-schedule their own appointments with our customized scheduling page.
  • The software send branded and customized confirmations, delivers text reminders, lets people reschedule based on your availability, and processes payments from the moment someone books an appointment with you, so your day-to-day runs smoother.
  • Efficiency can be improved by providing a centralized solution for all issues.
  • Accurate calculation, collection, and distribution of money, printing and mailing of statements, and effective budget management can be provided by the software.
  • The local governments can manage community development and regulatory processes by using Municipal Software.
  • A suite of SaaS solutions for cities, town, schools and other municipal entities can be offered by the software where transparency, benchmarking, project communication, budgeting and forecasting solutions can be included.
  • As clients can be asked to fill out intake forms at the point of booking, you will have everything you need to know about them in one place.
  • As you can auto-adjust for time zones, clients can easily cancel and reschedule themselves. Automated reminders can also be send to keep clients prompt.
  • Multiple locations and employees can be managed by only showing your clients the calendar you want them to see, and all the flexibility can be tracked to make scheduling work for you.

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