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Microlearning Software:

Microlearning Software is a software that is used by HR and learning and development departments to provide employees with short bursts of focused educational content that fit into a daily workflow and are accessible on any device.
Training and learning content can be distributed in bite-size pieces that can be consumed in short periods of time.

Features and Benefits of Microlearning Software:

The Microlearning Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Product adoption can be accelerated by streamlining employee training and learning through real time contextual walkthroughs.
  • Organizations can create their own content or access a pre-existing learning content library where a mix of video, flashcards, and performance support resources can be included.
  • It can fit into the workflow for desk-based or deskless employees to help improve specific role-based knowledge.
  • The software can be integrated with corporate LMS software to help companies enhance the learning experience by incorporating microlearning into the platform.
  • Corporate learning solutions can be provided that fit into the work day and are accessible on any device, including mobile, point of sale, tablets, or computers.
  • Content options can be offered that include tools for content creation or a pre-existing content library.
  • A variety of microlearning content formats such as video, interactive modules, articles, job aids, blog posts, flash cards, gamified activities, practice exercises, and questions can be provided.
  • The performance data of employee can be tracked so that the businesses can audit, adjust, and improve training efforts.
  • Ready made SCORM-courses, PPT slides, videos, and other learning materials can be uploaded to the platform, and can be shared with employees in just a few clicks. You can also keep track of how your learners view the content.
  • User can create courses as templates are provided for course creation based on industry or role.
  • It enables the design and administration of tests and quizzes and for design of classes that are led by an instructor.
  • Sequences of classes can be created which must be taken in a specific order. It enables access to courses 24/7.
  • Functionality can be provided to communicate and send notifications to users.
  • Assignments can be planned and dispensed automatically by users.
  • The software help motivate users by tracking points, achievements, and badges.
  • User access can be limited to certain functionality and courses.
  • Custom certifications can be provided to distribute after course completion.
  • Training solutions can be provided that are compliant with industry regulations such as manufacturing, government, law enforcement, healthcare, and more.
  • User can be enabled to sell their courses and receive compensation electronically. They can also purchase and consume courses through an online marketplace.
  • User can sell and manage subscriptions to created courses.
  • Multiple language choices can be provided.
  • The software allows users to complete tasks reliably as it is consistently available.
  • Users can be provided with a pre-built educational library of usable content that contain eLearning assets, templates, and characters to help you build courses faster .
  • It has the ability to create custom educational content.
  • The software contains tools that allow users to create original content directly within the application.
  • PowerPoint based toolkit can be provided for creating courses, quizzes, role-plays, and video lessons.

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