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Jewelry Store Management Software

Jewelry Store Management Software:

Jewelry Store Management Software is a software that is used to manage and optimize all aspects of jewelry store management including inventory, appraisals, scheduling, customer profiles, invoicing, POS, barcoding, imaging, and accounting.
The management of jewelry store operations can be made more efficient by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Jewelry Store Management Software:

The Jewelry Store Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Features like POS (point of sale), customer management, accounting, inventory, catalog management, and business intelligence can be offered by Jewelry store management software.
  • It can be integrated with e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and inventory management software.
  • Serialized inventory can be tracked and managed, sales and/or internal expenditure can be recorded, customer information can be managed by using Jewelry store management software.
  • A balanced inventory can be establish and maintained by the jewelers that will optimize sales and investment while maintaining a strong cash flow.
  • All aspects of the manufacturing process from taking an order until the finished order is delivered can be streamlined and managed.
  • The proof of reception can be recorded when your customer leaves you an article. You can add a product image, record its specific attributes, enter the data into a centralized database which you can visualize or reprint as you please.
  • The in-store and external item repairs can be tracked and standard price lists can be established which help accelerate and secure both the appraisal and repairs processes.
  • Specific tasks can be facilitated such as tracking inventory quantities, prices, skus available or to be ordered including precious stones, metals, and any other jewelry materials needed to enhance their creations or special orders.
  • An additional inventory control can be allowed by facilitating the reconciliation between what has been exchanged by the customer and what has been debited from the spare part.
  • Inventory of jewelry retailers of all sizes and market segments can be tracked in real time while ensuring that all valuable jewelry components are properly reconciled, reducing discrepancies, losses or accidental replacements.
  • Pre-defined jewelry descriptions are provided by the software that allow its user to enter all the specific attributes of a particular piece according to its characteristics.
  • The components required for the customized piece can be identified and let know the user whether those has to come from existing inventory or need to be specially ordered for the customer which offers a more cost-effective methods and optimization.
  • Stock or inventory can be managed with bar-code or RFID tags, promotional or transactional SMS can be send to your customer's and customized invoices can be created. Sale , supplier stock and orders, credit or debit notes, other expenses, GST & accounting reports and much more can be tracked.
  • The barcode or RFID tags can be customized. You can also print the tags by thermal or laser or ink-jet printers.
  • Available, Less or Most Selling stock list and the total wholesale or retails stock can be checked with filters.
  • Jewellery stock can be searched with images or by price range like e-commerce portals and also the product information & price quote can be checked.
  • You can send purchase orders, add invoices, assign orders to karigar, issue metal or receive jewellery from karigar from supplier panel.

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