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Golf Course Software:

Golf Course Software is a software that is used by golf clubs and courses for tee and staff scheduling, pro shop sales and inventory, and membership management.
All elements of clubs such as memberships, guests, events and more can be managed by using golf course software. All your front and back office operations can be simplified, while delivering unparalleled guest experiences.

Features and Benefits of Golf Course Software:

The Golf Course Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • A golf business will be able to perform its necessary day to day functions with the help of includes general business management features, POS features, reservation features, and more. It can be used by administrators, staff and groundskeepers to maintain and run a golf course.
  • It eliminates the need to use a wide variety of software on a daily basis by housing all of the golf industry specific tools in one place.
  • The insight can be provided to the owners and managers with a complete view of how their business is performing and where they can improve.
  • It can be integrated with CRM software, retail POS software, and property management software.
  • Tools are provided for marketing, event planning, inventory management, tee time reservations, and more.
  • The results of your campaigns can be tracked with tools to show you how people are engaging, and who is responding to the communication you deliver.
  • Dramatic increases to sales and reservations can be seen with Marketing.
  • Automated texts can be set up to notify guests of specials, holidays, course news, and more to keep your guests engaged between visits to your course.
  • Personalized text messages can be sent or received right through the platform, to take orders, give tips, or even address pace of play.
  • Your email marketing efforts can be simplified with a large library of templates and stock photos.
  • Marketing communication can be created with the drag and drop editor that looks professional and personalized all at once.
  • Automatic emails can be send, or custom campaigns can be created for large or small groups within your customer database.
  • The marketing tools can be used to incentivize your players to bring friends, refer other guests, and attend social functions.
  • You can make transactions faster, data cleaner, and guests happier with a golf point of sale.
  • As the software works everywhere, on any device, you can get work done from your front desk computer, on the course with an iPad, or at home on your cell.
  • You can immediately see everything you need when you pull up the screen as customer accounts are fully integrated. You can also get a quick view transaction history, loyalty points, required payments, and passes to engage with them on a personal level the moment they walk in the door.
  • Inventory can be made as a fully integrated process with barcode scanners or your wireless devices.
  • Your inventory can be easily uploaded in bulk or edited.
  • Inventory item kits can be created and punch cards, gift cards, and item fees can be tracked.
  • The information you need most is at your fingertips as accounting, inventory, and sales transaction reports are all easy to find and analyze.
  • You to choose what data is most applicable to your operation with customizable dashboards.
  • Confident business decisions can be made with complete reporting and analytics.
  • Sales and inventory data can be accessed from anywhere with a cloud-based POS.
  • Customer experience can be tracked across your facility with seamless POS integration.
  • Accounting, billing, and reporting can be optimized to result in fewer clicks to provide more accuracy, and a more enjoyable user experience.
  • All your back office requirements can be streamlined and managed on any device, wherever you are.

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