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EMS Software:

EMS Software is a software that is used to inspired work by connecting people, tools and technology within a single room scheduling platform by breaking down the barriers.
The visibility can be provided, productivity can be increased by providing the required control and insight, costs can be reduced, people can be attracted and retained, and enterprise brands can be differentiated by integrating EMS software with hardware and software infrastructures of an organization. The software can be used in companies and universities to manage their work and learning environments.

Features and Benefits of EMS Software:

The EMS Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Every aspect of your infrastructure can be managed, monitored and controlled and the employee and visitor experience can be improved through a single platform.
  • Academic, room and workspace scheduling can be simplified.
  • Calendar and software systems can be integrated.
  • The software provides one-touch video conferencing.
  • Resources, services and catering are coordinated.
  • Conference and event scheduling are simplified.
  • Your employee, tools and technology can be connected in a single platform to empower you with modern, dynamic workspace by using EMS software.
  • The workflows for your meeting reservations, workspace hoteling, resource scheduling, event planning, and classroom and exam scheduling can be managed by this software.
  • Booking rooms and meetings can be made faster and easier by supporting flexible, activity based workplaces and campuses.
  • Full service access can be provided to your users to allow self-service reservations.
  • Permissions can be configured to ensure proper use and availability of organizational resources.
  • Room specific reservation templates can be created by the administrator with varying levels of information or required approvals.
  • The EMS platform supports and integrates popular technologies of video conferencing and provide self-service video conferencing on one click.
  • EMS can also be used by the companies to support managed or requested video conferencing, where IT and audio-visual technicians receive instructions to configure and administer the technology.
  • The required insights can be provided to increase productivity and reduce costs by tracking, understanding and optimizing your operations with a custom query builder and various built-in and automated reports.
  • Critical metrics such as space usage, cancellations, group and meeting type, service changes and more can be tracked.
  • EMS is essential for analyzing and predicting usage with a central source of record for all spaces and resources.
  • EMS can minimize your administrative effort by reducing the steps required to manage a meeting.
  • Reservations and services can be efficiently created and approved as well as reports can be generated and distributed.
  • EMS can help simplify the process at each step for either approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers.
  • The complexity of adding and managing resources and services within a reservation can be handled by EMS software by eliminating costly, unwanted deliveries, delays or disruptions caused by ordering mistakes or last-minute changes.
  • It can be ensured that you have up to date communications with your service providers as the workflows are streamlined by the software.
  • Meeting disasters can be avoided by enabling and delivering automated notifications which are available on multiple devices and platforms to eliminate any kind of missed communications.
  • The need for one-off emails and manual processes can be reduced with change alerts and email notifications.
  • Individuals can be designated to be automatically emailed of any changes or cancellations.
  • As daily reports are automatically emailed prior to a meeting or event, the pre-meeting tasks are aligned.
  • All your internal and external invoicing requirements can be consolidated and handled by the software.
  • The valuable time of your planning team can be saved and their overall productivity can be increased by automating the cumbersome planning process.
  • All certification and final exams can be scheduled to preferred and appropriately-sized and resourced locations at once with the optimizer tool.


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