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Data Quality Software

Data Quality Software:

Data Quality Software is a software that is used to analyze sets of information and identify incorrect, incomplete, or improperly formatted data. The data sets that are analyzed can be customer contact information, granular financial statistics and much more.
The software used to measure the condition of data based on factors such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability and whether it is up to date is known as Data Quality Software. Measuring data quality levels can help organizations identify data errors that need to be resolved. The software either cleanse or correct the data based on previously established guidelines after profiling data concerns. The common methods of data set cleansing or correction include deletion, modification, appending, and merging. Data Quality Software is mostly used by data analysts, marketers, and salespeople who can get benefit from leveraging it.

Features and Benefits of Data Quality Software:

There are several features of Data Quality Software that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • High standards can be established for data integrity with in businesses by targeting and cleaning data lists. It also help ensure that data adheres to these standards, based on the required industry, market, or in-house regulations.
  • The reliability of information provided by the software can be enhanced for business use by the process of maintaining data integrity.
  • Data profiling can be enabled and data anomalies as well as hidden relationships between data elements can be identified.
  • Basic data cleansing functionalities like record merge, append, and delete is provided.
  • Modification and standardization of data based on predefined rules is allowed.
  • Automated as well as manual cleaning options are allowed.
  • Preventive measures are offered to preserve data integrity.
  • It help reduce the cost of identifying and fixing bad data in the systems by maintaining high levels of data quality.
  • Operational errors and business process breakdowns can be avoided that help reducing operating expenses and increase revenues.
  • The software help increasing the accuracy of analytics applications by providing good data quality, which can lead to better business decision making that in turn boost sales, improves internal processes and provide a competitive edge to the businesses over rivals.
  • It can help expanding the use of BI dashboards and analytics tools.
  • The software frees up data management teams to focus on more productive tasks such as helping business users rather than cleaning up data sets.
  • The data analysts can take advantage of the available data in systems and promote data quality best practices in business operations to minimize data errors.
  • The automated data profiling and intuitive visual exploration provided by the software can save much of your time that you currently spend on data exploration.
  • Automate Data Quality Testing can be done by setting checks on data quality and changing data capture, scheduling regular runs, and getting notified with alerts when something doesn’t look right.
  • Customized checks can be created based on business rules and alerts can be notified on slack. Alerts and notifications can be send in your favorite communication tools.
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with Mister Data Management (MDM) systems.
  • It can be connected to multiple data sources.
  • The software help reduce time to implement data governance or compliance audits.
  • It provides a consolidated views of customers and households enabling more effective cross and upselling.
  • It provides a provision of research data for fraud detection and planning.

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