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Visual Search Software

Visual Search Software:

Visual Search Software is a software that is used by industries to support information discovery through image queries.
You will be able to find products, parts, and drawings in your database using a photo or even a hand-sketch with thehelp of this software.

Features and Benefits of Visual Search Software:

The Visual Search Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Your customers can locate the part they are looking for much quicker by using visual and shape search provided by the software.
  • The matching parts are returned in the blink of an eye with visual search when the customer snap a photo with their mobile device. This very useful when parts are difficult to describe or the customer does not know what the part is called.
  • Overall buying experience can be enhanced, higher close rate percentage can be provided and customer loyalty can be increased.
  • Quoting engineers can respond to customers much quicker by using visual and shape search provided by the software. The engineer can upload a photo, 2D hand sketch, 2D drawing or a 3D model, so that similar existing parts that they have previously quoted can be found.
  • Similar and exact parts are returned with information like ERP, machine code, estimates and lead times. The engineer can use the information to rapidly respond to the customer RFQ with accurate pricing and delivery times once a matching part has been selected.
  • Quoting time can be decreased from days to less than an hour and there will be a reduction in design and production costs.
  • Barriers associated with text based search can be overcomed, and parts made previously by the design engineer can be located by using visual and shape search provided by the software.
  • The engineer can quickly find exact and similar existing parts in the design database to search visually by either uploading a photo, a hand drawn sketch, 2D CAD drawing, 3D sketch or 3D model. The part can be inserted into the new design once the engineer has inspected the part geometry and associated manufacturing data
  • The creation of duplicate parts can be eliminated and faster time to market for new products.
  • The parts that are previously sourced by the procurement engineers can be found without worrying about what the part is called or the name of a supplier in their supply chain by using visual and shape search provided by the software.
  • To find similar parts in the sourcing database, simply upload a photo, hand sketch or 2D drawing of the part needed. The engineer can then review the procurement data to identify the best supplier, cost, timeline and quality when the matching parts are returned which can be used to make a smart and profitable purchase.
  • Ccost efficient sourcing decisions can be enabled.
  • Suppliers who have the right capabilities can be identified promoting supply chain collaboration.
  • The service engineer can quickly identify the defective part by using visual and shape search provided by the software.
  • Matching parts are returned including detailed attribute information when you upload a photo or a hand drawn sketch of the part using a mobile app built by the software.
  • It can be ordered and scheduled to be shipped to the job site immediately once the engineer has selected the correct part.
  • Turnaround time can be reduced and customer satisfaction can be increased.
  • Potential can be improved for capturing aftermarket part sales from non-OEM competitors.

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