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Speech Therapy Software

Speech Therapy Software:

Speech Therapy Software is a software that is used by speech therapists to provide practice management solutions.
Telepractice, documentation, billing, intake forms and e-claim submission modules can be included for speech and language pathologists.

Features and Benefits of Speech Therapy Software:

The Speech Therapy Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • You will be able to communicate clearly with quality, compliant SLP documentation.
  • Workflow efficiency between clinical and financial sides of your practice can be improved.
  • Flexible viewing options can be provided to meet your preference. Both your office and telehealth clients can be scheduled.   
  • You can schedule one time or recurring appointments and automated reminders can be sent to your clients.
  • Your availability can be set to streamline client scheduling from client portal. Multiple schedulers can be added at no charge. You can also view your therapists' calendars.
  • You can use the built in note templates or build your own to meet your unique needs. Goals can be added for your clients and score them on the go.
  • You can request co-signs or co-sign notes as needed and attachments can be added to your notes and print notes as needed.
  • Cost can be reduced and your practice can be run more efficiently. All forms can be electronically and securely send to your client with a click of a button with no paper, and no extra cost. You will be able to review filled out forms at any time.
  • Your clients can be impressed by communicating and educating through the client portal provided by the software as your clients can sign consent forms and fill out intake forms or questionnaires. Your clent can also securely scheduled appointments, access your educational resources and your assigned homework as well as securely message with you.
  • Payments can be accepted before or after session. Credit card can be processed. Online and offline payments can be tracked. Invoices can be securely send to your clients through the client portal.
  • Teaching aids and therapy tools can be offered for speech therapy.
  • The whiteboard provided by the software is very interactive and can be utilized for explaining concepts, problem solving, practicing writing, visual scanning, following directions, describing, executive functioning such as planning and organizing, etc.
  • Your own resources can be utilized to meet your client's individual needs. Your own PDF resources such as worksheets and handouts can be easily organized. Resources can be manipulated with annotation tools, or keyboard can be used for fill-in activities.
  • Videos can be easily organized and can be used for teaching articulation placement, vocabulary and concepts, language, memory and pragmatic skills.
  • The software allows you to assign home practice and share your educational resources with your clients any time.
  • Detailed reports can be generated to help you gain more insight about your practice. Sessions, billing, services, clients, providers report are available in one location with ability to print and export.
  • The software can be integrated with claim submission process that support thousands of health insurance companies and CMS-1500 validation system are in place to decrease claim rejections. EOB/ERA are available to save you time.
  • Built in and interactive apps are provided for speech therapy for both children and adults.
  • All aspects of your practice work including scheduling, documentation, billing and collections can be made easy with integrated workflow tools.
  • Busy work and time-consuming manual processes can be cut down by automation, providing you more time for patients and other higher value activities.
  • Patient record and billing errors and duplication that often arise when data is shared across multiple applications can be eliminated.
  • Speech therapy chart templates including pediatric and adult speech can be provided. Content library can be created by speech therapists for speech therapists.

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