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Product Roadmap Software:

Product Roadmap Software is a software that is used by product managers and developers to plan project timelines, document project goals, and manage the product lifecycle.

Features and Benefits of Product Roadmap Software:

The Product Roadmap Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Visual roadmaps can be quickly build and edited with our simple drag and drop editor.
  • Your roadmap can be presented in Timeline, List, Table or Portfolio layout.
  • An unlimited number of roadmaps can be easily collaborated, shared, and transfered between users.
  • Your team can be empowered to make the right strategic decisions and initiatives can b eprioritized that support your company's objectives.
  • Your stakeholders are provided with easy access to view and provide feedback on your roadmaps.
  • Your roadmap can be published through a secure private link to easily collaborate with external stakeholders.
  • Different versions of your roadmap can be created and shared for different audiences in seconds.
  • Progress can be securely tracked on initiatives and their impact can be measured. Your essential tools and data can be easily integrated in one platform to sync data between ProductPlan and your other tools.
  • The ProductPlan API can be accessed to build custom integration solutions that fit into your existing workflow.
  • A backlog of initiatives can be imported from a spreadsheet into ProductPlan.
  • The software comes with visual and flexible features to assist teams needing an agile workflow to collaborate on projects.
  • Items on the roadmap software can be linked to your product strategy, and your roadmap can be responsive to changes in customer feedback and the competitive landscape.
  • It can be used by product owners to collaborate with their teams and build consensus on how a product will grow and shift over time.
  • It can also be used by agile teams to the roadmap to keep everyone on the same page and gain context for their everyday work and future direction.
  • Customer feedback can be captured and what to build next can be prioritized.
  • All your user requests can be managed in one organized place. Sales and support teams can capture feedback and deliver it to your product team.
  • Feedback can be submitted to your inbox directly from Email, salesforce and other CRMs, support chats and all browser-based tools
  • Collected feedback can be used to create product ideas rooted in real user needs and then you can choose from two built-in prioritization templates to surface your high-impact ideas Value vs. effort, R.I.C.E. (reach, impact, confidence and effort) or create your own weighted scoring framework in Roadmunk.
  • Product idea can be promoted to your roadmap and commited to making it happen. Your strategy can be communicated using simple and powerful roadmapping features of the software so that you can choose between a timeline or swimlane visualization, create multiple roadmap views from one data set and export shareable, crystal-clear roadmaps to URL, PNG and HTML.
  • You can choose from a nunmer of ready-to-use roadmap templates. A Timeline View and Swimlane View can be included in each template, and it can be fully customized.

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