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Dance Studio Software:

Dance Studio Software is a software that is used to automate the functions of studio management such as billing, scheduling, student records maintenance, registration, credit card processing and class material printing to reduce the time and administrative costs of running a dance studio.

Features and Benefits of Dance Studio Software:

There are several features of Dance Studio Software that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Your students and their families can sign up for classes whenever it is most convenient for them by online registration. The dates, times, and instructors for your classes can be entered by you and your students or their parents are allowed to sign up for classes directly from your website.
  • contact information, notes, and previous class history of your students can be tracked in one place.
  • The software can help you chart your class attendance rates, keep track of active students, and determine trends for slow days or times.
  • Information can be provided directly to your students without you having to maintain a constant phone presence for questions.
  • It help reducing costs due to less necessary paperwork for new and returning students
  • It provides the flexibility to sign up for classes, competitions, workshops, or events at any time of the day for your student.
  • The registration and customer management is made easy, efficient, and seamless on your end.
  • The software offers multiple, flexible payment options to makes it easier for you to get paid that ensures a predictable cash flow to better manage your business.
  • The outstanding accounts can be tracked and identified so that you can tend to past due payments quickly.
  • The software can be connected to accounting software for automatic and accurate  revenue syncing to your books.
  • The revenue dashboards are provided to easily show financials over specific time periods
  • Specific dance costumes can be assigned to classes or age groups, measurements of the students can be stored for this event and the future and payments can be collected for costumes or event registration by event and costume management  to ensure all of your events run smoothly.
  • Dance studio software makes it easier for you to stay in regular communication with your customers, staff, vendors, and partners to manage the administrative tasks such as enrolling students, responding to requests for more information, sending out marketing messages, and other communication tasks that help running your studio.
  • Key communications, like class confirmation letters, billing notifications, teacher schedules, student progress reports, and more can be automated and standardized.
  • The software keeps all of your records organized including records of all transactions, tuition billing sent and received, and all other required documents and available for you to reference any time you need them.
  • Current and former students can be informed when online registration is available by registration alerts.
  • Students can be notified for overdue payments or expired credit cards by payment reminders.
  • A last minute cancellation of class can be notified to the students by cancelled classes.
  • Your list of upcoming open houses, camps, recitals, competitions, or other events can be notified by event promotion.
  • Without any extra effort of constant manual communication, you can keep everyone involved with better communication.
  • Paper work can be eliminated to improve the customer experience and operations can be streamlined.
  • The performance and efficiency of your front desk can be maximized with easy point-of-sale functionality.
  • The dance skills of students can be tracked by the teachers and alert can be sent to the parents of their progress online.

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