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Proofreading Software:

Proofreading Software is a software that is designed to find and correct spelling, formatting, punctuation and grammatical errors. A Proofreading Software can also be used for checking plagiarism.
Proofreading Software has dictionary, translator & built-in templates so that any grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation and writing style can be checked and corrected. It ensures that every email, document or any other text you write makes a good sense and is error free so that you can confidently write anything. The scripts can be organized through labeling, outlining, formatting, text editing and more. Scanning the web for duplicate content of your webpage, comparing and analyzing the content through artificial intelligence & machine learning by the help of plagiarism detection solution. Proofreading Software can be integrated into Microsoft Word for enhanced proofreading. The errors can be identified easily as it helps highlight different types of mistakes in various colors. The software can also edit the document faster and submit better document which can make better impression.

Advantages of Proofreading Software:

The advantages of Proofreading Software include:

  • The most common errors can be detected very easily by using Proofreading Software.
  • Proofreading Software provides option to use synonyms for repeated words. As it is annoying to read the same word many times in a row or paragraph, the best idea is to use a proofreading software that can help you improving your writing flow.
  • The software is cost efficient as most of these programs are free, or come with a minimal fee, compared to using a human proofreader that include manual effort.
  • Proofreading Software are also time efficient as it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to proofread a text which is not possible in case of a human proofreader.

Disadvantages of Proofreading Software:

The disadvantages of Proofreading Software include:

  • As the Proofreading Software is designed to detect only the most common errors, it is unable to detect more complex errors. The problem occurs for complex structural errors.Because of different writing styles, the software detect some errors even when they are not there. The Proofreading Software is quite inflexible, limiting your ability to be creative.
  • The software can damage your learning capability and interest as we become more dependent on this instead of learning the correct spelling of words. As they detect errors that are sometimes not there, it can damage your self esteem.

Things to do along with Proofreading:

  • Ensure the document makes sense and is readable. As the software is able to correcting grammar and punctuation only, change it if it is difficult to understand. Change the complicated words with simple English to make it more understandable.
  • As the spellchecker does not read for sense, always use a dictionary if you are not sure.
  • Check the title or headline and make sure that the title is relevant to the document.
  • If the document is important, make sure to get a second person to see it as there is probability of finding error is more with a second person.
  • It is easy to transpose numbers when writing them. So, check the telephone numbers by calling them before sending out documents. It can ruin a marketing campaign by sending out documents with incorrect phone numbers.

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