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SaaS Management Software:

SaaS Management Software is a software that is used by businesses to provide greater control and visibility over their SaaS portfolios.
A central point can be offered from which software administrators can manage user and team access, licensing and spending, IT workflows, integration integrity, data and access security, policy adherence, and SaaS related process automation.

Features and Benefits of SaaS Management Software:

The SaaS Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Automation capabilities such as automatic permission assignment by role during onboarding can be offered that is related to any connected solutions.
  • Functional nods to SaaS spend management tools can be provided by offering visibility into SaaS usage and fiscal value
  • Visibility over a company’s full range of SaaS solutions can be provided.
  • Administrative control over individual user and team access is allowed.
  • Solution integrations and policy adherence can be managed.
  • Security and privacy policies relating to SaaS access and usage can be dictated.
  • Process automation capabilities surrounding SaaS administration can be provided.
  • The usage and cost of the SaaS applications of an organization can be discovered, optimized, and controlled from a single hub
  • A centralized monitoring and management of dispersed SaaS applications across the organization can be provided.
  • Tracking and control of SaaS subscriptions and all associated costs can be done.
  • Administrators control can be given over hardware and software resource allocation.
  • Integration of data, logic, objects, etc with other software applications can be enabled with API.
  • Policies and configurations can be changed across numerous SaaS applications.
  • Spending and contracts can be tracked to manage investments.
  • Repetitive tasks accociated with SaaS operations and maintenance can be automated.
  • Reports can be generated that meet your business requirements.
  • Administration tools or console that are easy to use and learn for routine maintenance tasks can be provided.
  • Threats, issues, incidents and requests related to SaaS applications can be identified and alert can be send to the administrators.
  • Admistrators can be given control over SaaS-related privilages and accessability.
  • Administrators are allowed to set policies for security and data governance.
  • Administrative control over sensitive user data can be provided.
  • The software helps companies ensure they meet their industry-specific compliance needs for data management and privacy standards.
  • Spending on all tools across departments can be tracked or mapped with little to no manual entry.
  • The number of licenses in use and how often they are being utilized can be continuously tracked. Usage can be tracked internally or through integrated applications.  
  • Companies are allowed periodically survey users regarding the effectiveness of SaaS applications and their experience using the tools.
  • Administrative features can be provided to renew, track pricing, analyze terms, and outline expiration dates for SaaS contracts.
  • Companies are allowed to select a wide variety of applications to track and manage.
  • Information and analytics can be presented in a digestible, intuitive, and visually appealing way.
  • Single pane of glass visibility can be provided over a company's full range of SaaS solutions.
  • SaaS solution integrations, SaaS policies, licensing, as well as financial impacts can be managed.
  • Process automation capabilities surrounding SaaS administration can be provided.
  • Recommendations can be provided on how to improve your use of existing SaaS tools and also on new SaaS tools.
  • It has the ability to project spend based on contracts signed. Redundant transactions and unnecessary costs can be identified.
  • The comparison of your software products, costs, sentiment, and utilization to that of peer companies can be facilitated.
  • Reports outlining application utilization, cost, user sentiment, and/or functional overlap can be created.
  • Administrative control over individual user and team access are allowed.
  • Administrators can be notified of automation failures, security issues, and other process failures.
  • SaaS usage for potential suspicious activities or misuses can be mointored.
  • A records of all changes and modifications made to SaaS policies, user access, etc. can be kept.

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